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Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012

Wilson Electronics is actually beating Apple to the market with a cell phone item. Wilson has introduced a really neat way to boost 3 and 4G iPhones. The thing is, none of the iPhones to this point operate on true 4G 700 MHZ LTE which is what both Verizon and AT&T both use for their 4G data only service.

And they both work with 2G and 3G technologies for the iPhone’s voice service and data, as well as 2 & 3G voice and data service for all other phones, except Nextel (which is going away as we write). This is a very good thing, because it seems that most anybody who has an iPhone knows why it has such a reputation for dropping calls and/or not getting  a signal where others cell phone do. The Wilson Sleek products almost completely eliminate that problem, plus they greatly extend you coverage area (they increase the iPhone’s signal gain by over 20 times).

But upcoming iPhones will offer 4G data service. And when they do, Wilson will have these Sleek new signal boosters waiting for them. The Sleek for Verizon is Wilson’s Sleek 4G-V and the one for AT&T is the 4G high speed data is the Sleek 4G-A. is one of Wilson’s first dealers to stock the new Sleeks.

The Feature and Benefits of the Wilson Sleek Models 4 G-A and 4G-V:

  • Boosts Verizon and AT&T 700 MHz LTE high speed data as well as 2 &3G 800 and 1900 MHz
  • Boosts both voice and data by more than 20 times
  • Provides strong, reliable signal in weak signal areas
  • Allows your friends to boost their signals by simply placing their phone in the cradle
  • Greatly extends battery life, especially in weak signal areas
  • No brainer installation

Wilson already offers a Sleek model for 2 & 3 G signals only. The model number is 815226. Again, they will boost the signal for all cell phones, except Nextel.

For those who want any service provider’s signal boosted over larger areas: has solved cell phone signal both inside of vehicles, small and large building areas, as well as for outdoors – campgrounds, boat marinas and such. From hospitals, to universities, office buildings, secure facilities and buildings of almost any type, they have engineered and designed wireless cell signal booster kits for organizations like NASA, the US Army, US Navy, US Marines, Chevron, Tyson Foods, Fairmont Hotels, Siemens and thousands of police and fire departments, smaller companies and individuals for their homes, office and cabins.

PC World tests cellular wireless data speeds in numerous cities

Tuesday, May 1st, 2012

From Wilson Electronics blog post 4/12/12.

We, at, design and sell Wilson Electronics cellular signal boosters kits for all cellular frequencies, technologies, and for all types of buildings, generations (3G/4G, etc.), for vehicles in town and at remote locations, and outdoor applications. The folks over at PC World took a closer look at the wireless service speeds in the US, and this is what they found out. Keep in mind that this study only includes data snapshot measurements of wireless service these in 13 cities–Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New Orleans, New York, San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle, and Washington, D.C.