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Cell Phone Reception Booster

Monday, October 31st, 2011

The cell phone is an absolute necessity these days, for both business and social reasons. The problem with them is that the power of hand held units is limited by the FCC to a measly six tenths of a watt, so we constantly seem to run into cell phone dead zones, whether in our vehicles or inside buildings.

There is a popular and proven way to eliminate cell phone dead zones. It is called a cell phone signal booster. Most people want the wireless type of signal booster because it works without the cell phone being directly connected to a cable. But what exactly is a wireless cell phone signal booster?

Whether for a vehicle or building, the wireless type generally consists of an outside antenna which picks up the signal and sends it to a cell phone amplifier (which is placed inside and requires a power source). The amplifier boosts the signal many times over then projects it over an area inside through another (inside) antenna. For outgoing calls, the sequence is reversed.

For buildings, there are numerous variations of cellular repeaters. The one you need usually depends upon how big of an area that needs to be covered with a cell phone signal inside the building and the current outside signal strength at the place where the new outside cell phone  antenna will be placed.

Cell phone repeater kits for vehicles will normally project a signal few feet, and the main benefit is that it can increase your outside signal coverage area to 25 miles.

There is a more cheaply priced cell phone signal booster: the direct connect type. The cell phone must be connected to the booster for it to work. For more information on these, check out direct-connect amplifiers and repeaters.

Both the wireless type and direct-connect type will also boost the signal for many computer data cards.