9/20/11 update:

Sunday, 9/18/11, ATT officially pressed the “activate” button on its new LTE (long term evolution) network . According to both PCWorld.com and CNET, each of which tested the new network, it is fast squared. However, when comparing the test results to the speeds Verizon users currently get, keep in mind that ATT’s LTE network was virtually empty when the tests were run and Verizon’s LTE has lots of users since it has been in the marketplace for about nine months now.

Rather than give you a recap of the many articles I read about ATT’s LTE network  and the comparisons between it and Verizon’s LTE system, let me direct you to the two most succinct ones. The first is a Q & A done by Jessica Dalcourt at CNET which explains what you can and can’t do on ATT’s LTE network. The second Sascha Segan and David Peirce titled “ATT vs. Verizon: LTE, Head-to-Head”.

In the above articles you can review actual speeds of actual uploads and downloads.


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